Magical Disney Family Quiz

It’s quiz time! Grab your Mickey ears, shove on a Disney costume and get your household ready to take part in another Disney Quiz! Or even FaceTime/Zoom your mates! If you missed it, there are two quizzes published on the blog already which you can access here and here. As always, the answers can be found at the bottom. Don’t forget to let me know how you all got on by commenting how many you got right in the comments or, better still, be sure to tag me in your Instastories and Instagram posts!

  1. Q :  What is Bambi’s rabbit friend called?
  2. Q : Who’s motto is ‘Just Keep Swimming’
  3. Q : What animal does Kuzco turn into in The Emperors New Groove?
  4. Q : What were Mickey and Minnie’s original names? 
  5. Q : How old is Ariel in The Little Mermaid? 
  6. Q : Who sang ‘I’ll Make A Man Out Of You’ in the 1998 film Mulan? 
  7. Q : What is does Gusteau say anyone can do in Ratatouille?
  8. Q : Finish the line : ‘Ohana means Family…’
  9. Q : What does Lotso the bear smell like?
  10. Q : What is Jane’s last name in Tarzan? 
  11. Q : How many eggs does Gaston eat a day? 
  12. Q : Which Disney character makes an appearance as a stuffed animal in Frozen?
  13. Q : What is the name of Hiro’s brother, creator of Baymax, in Big Hero 6?
  14. Q : Which lost boy wears the skunk costume in Peter Pan?
  15. Q : Which hand is Captain Hooks hook on? 
  16. Q : In the Nightmare Before Christmas, there are seven holiday doors in the forest.  Aside from the Christmas and Halloween doors, what other 5 Holiday doors are there? 
  17. Q : What animal does baby Moana rescue on the beach?
  18. Q : In Sleeping Beauty, when does Maleficent say the curse will occur?
  19. Q : What is the name of the guitar playing villain in Coco?
  20. Q : In the film Up, what is the name of the desitnation Carl and his late wife were saving to go to?

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Answers : 1) Thumper, 2) Dory, 3) A Llama, 4) Mortimer and Minerva, 5) 16, 6) Donny Osmond, 7) Cook, 8) Family means nobody gets left behind, 9) Strawberries, 10) Porter, 11) 5 Dozen, 12) Mickey, 13) Tadashi, 14) Tootles, 15) Left , 16) Valentines/St Patricks/Easter/Independence Day and Thanksgiving, 17) A Sea Turtle, 18) Before the sun sets, 19) Ernesto De La Cruz, 20) Paradise Falls

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