Disney Quiz Questions & Answers #3

We are back again with Disney Quiz number 3! If you missed the first 2, you can check those out here and here . Get into your best Disney clobber, get your family together or get your mates on facetime and put everyones Disney knowledge to the test! All the answers are at the bottom so don’t be tempted to peek! Be sure to leave a comment below or tag me over on my Instagram with how many you all got right! Happy quizzing!

  1. Q : In Mary Poppins, what animal is found on the end of her umbrella?
  2. Q : What was the name of the dragon sidekick in Mulan?
  3. Q : Where do the lions live in the Lion King? 
  4. Q : What is the crew celebrating on the ship at the beginning of The Little Mermaid?
  5. Q : What time does the royal ball start in Cinderella?
  6. Q : Which Disney princess has the ability to heal others?
  7. Q : Which Disney princess did not have a love interest in her film? 
  8. Q : Which Disney song starts with ‘Okay can I just say something crazy?’
  9. Q : What colour is Winnie The Poohs top? 
  10. Q : What is Andy’s actual dog called in Toy Story? 
  11. Q : Which famous actor voiced Ebenezer Scrooge in Disney’s A Christmas Carol?
  12. Q : What year did Disney buy Marvel? 
  13. Q : Which 2003 Disney film sees a mother and daughter switch bodies?
  14. Q : Which Disney film franchise was based on a ride at the Disney parks?
  15. Q : Which side of Scar’s face has a scar in The Lion King?
  16. Q : How old is Snow White?
  17. Q : What is the name of Buzz Lightyear’s arch nemesis?
  18. Q : How old is Crush the Sea Turtle in Finding Nemo?
  19. Q : What colour and pattern are on Boo’s door in Monsters Inc?
  20. Q : What is the name of Riley’s imaginary friend in Inside Out?

Answers : 1) A Parrot, 2) Mushu, 3) Pride Rock, 4) Prince Eric’s Birthday, 5) 8 p.m., 6) Rapunzel can heal using her magic hair, 7) Merida, 8) Love is an open Door, 9) Red, 10) Buster, 11), Jim Carey, 12) 2009, 13) Freaky Friday, 14) Pirates of the Caribbean, 15) Left, 16) 14, 17) Zurg, 18) 150, 19) White with pink/purple flowers, 20) Bing Bong

Now go watch a Disney vlog!

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