Pixar & Disney Princesses Quiz!

This week’s Disney quiz is designed to text your Disney Pixar and Princess knowledge! If you missed any of our previous quizzes, including the magical Harry Potter family quizzes, be sure to scroll the the bottom as there will be links to these – just don’t peek at the answers! Leave a comment and let me know how many you got or, better still, tag me over on Instagram!

  1. Q : What colour is Mike Wazowski?
  2. Q : What type of Fish is Nemo and his dad, Marlin?
  3. Q : What is the name of Woody’s Space Ranger friend in Toy Story?
  4. Q : What is Belle’s hobby in Beauty and the Beast?
  5. Q : How does the house fly in Up?  
  6. Q : What is Elastagirl’s superpower in The Incredibles?
  7. Q : What sport is Merida really good at in Brave?
  8. Q : What instrument does Miguel play in Coco?
  9. Q : Who does Moana set out to find?
  10. Q : In Aladdin, what type of animal is Princess Jasmine’s pet?  
  11. Q : What is the name of the cup that Lightning Mcqueen is racing to win in Cars? 
  12. Q : What is the name of the broken doll in Toy Story 4 who takes Woody’s voice box?
  13. Q : What colour is Rapunzel’s dress in Tangled?
  14. Q : What are the names of Cinderella’s step sisters?
  15. Q : In Toy Story, who is Bullseye?  
  16. Q : In A Bug’s Life, what does Heimlich the Caterpillar turn into? 
  17. Q : Who has triplet brothers called Hamish, Hubert and Harris?
  18. Q : In Moana, what fruit do the islanders live off?
  19. : 2 Disney Princesses are left handed. Can you guess which ones?
  20. Q : In Ratatouille, Linguine is Gusteau’s son. True or False?

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Answers : 1) Green, 2) Clownfish3) Buzz4) Reading5) lots of Balloons!6) Flexibility7) Archery, 8) Guitar9) Maui10) A Tiger11) Piston Cup12) Gabby Gabby13) Purple, 14) Anastasia and Drizella, 15) Woody’s Horse , 16) A Butterfly 17) Merida , 18) Coconuts19) Mulan and Princess Tiana, 20) True

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