Disney Parks Quiz Questions & Answers!

Think you know your Disney Parks? Looking for things to fill your time? Why not jump on FaceTime with your loved ones for an ultimate Disney Quiz night?! Feel free to print this quiz off and put your knowledge of the Walt Disney parks to the test! Check out the answers at the bottom and let me know how many you got out of 20!

1. When did Disney World first open to the public?

2. How many people visit Disney World each day?

3. Which messy item does Disney not sell anywhere inside the park?

4. What is the oldest attraction in Magic Kingdom?

5. Which of these attractions has been in operation since Magic Kingdom’s first day: Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, Big Thunder Mountain, or Pirates of the Caribbean?

6. How many “happy haunts” (ie, ghosts) inhabit The Haunted Mansion?

7. Which Magic Kingdom attraction plays the song “Zip-a- Dee-Doo- Dah”?

8. What is the name of the jolly headhunter near the end of The Jungle Cruise ride?

9. What is the fastest ride at Disney World?

10. Who has more outfits in their closet, Mickey or Minnie Mouse?

11. What was Disneyland Paris originally called?

12. Where’s this resort located? 

13. How many theme parks does this resort have? 

14. How many hotels does the complex feature? 

15. What’s the name of the “village” where you can eat, shop, and have fun?

16. How many visitors a year does the park receive? 

17. How many employees does Disneyland Paris have?

18. Which theme park has the longest, fastest and tallest Big Thunder Mountain? Paris

19. Disneyland Paris opened in what year?

20. What is the fastest ride in Disneyland Paris?

Answers : 1) Walt Disney died in 1966, five years before Disney World Resort opened. Walt’s brother, Roy O. Disney, dedicated the park on October 1st, 1971., 2) When Magic Kingdom first opened in 1971, Disney World averaged 10,000 visitors per day. Today, the average daily attendance is around 53,000!, 3) Gum is not sold at Disney World. However, you can bring your own gum into the park, 4) Prince Charming Regal Carousel, formerly named Cinderella’s Golden Carousel. It was originally built for the Detroit’s Belle Isle Park in 1917, 5) It’s a Small World, 6) 999, 7) Splash Mountain, 8) Trader Sam, 9) With speeds of up to 65 MPH, Test Track comes out on top, 10) With over 290 different outfits, Mickey is the winner. Minnie has roughly 200 outfits available to her, 11) Euro Disney Resort, 12) Marne-la-Vallée, 13) Two, 14) Seven, 15) Disney Village, 16) 12 million, 17) 15,000 Employees, 18) Paris, 19) 1992, 20) It was the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is the fastest ride at Disneyland Paris. Located on the backlot of the Walt Disney Studios Park, it accelerates from 0 to 57 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds – let me know in the comments if you can find out what the new fastest ride is!

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