10 Things You Should Pack In Your Disney Park Bag!

(Links used in this post are affiliates ) So you are heading into Walt Disney World for the day and plan to stay there as long as humanly possible. You want Mickey to welcome you in at the opening ceremony. And are excited to be one of the last people walking out down Main Street when the fireworks have finished. This takes a bit of planning and preparation, so here are ten things you should definitely pack in your Disney Park Bag to ensure your day goes smoothly.


I find the best type of Disney Park Bag to have for a full day is a rucksack. Preferably one with a pocket at the front and side pouches to carry water bottles. Primark bags are amazing but I do think they don’t wear quite as well as other brands such as Hype and ShopDisney. If you’re visiting Disneyland Paris for a few days a Primark bag would be perfect. But for a fortnight in Florida you might want something a bit more sturdy.

A Fan

It can be very humid in Florida so it is a really good idea to have a fan. We took this USB chargeable fan with us in August and it helped to keep us cool. I would suggest getting two per family. However if you do forget to bring one it is possible to get one in the Disney Park but you will find them for much cheaper in Target.

An Umbrella

As well as being hot and humid there are also a lot of thunderstorms in the afternoon in Florida. We always pop a small lightweight brolly in our Disney Parks Bag. You may not use it. But when it pours in Walt Disney World it really pours!

Plastic Ponchos

I have found that children don’t mind getting too wet in Walt Disney World. But for us adults sometimes it can be a bit of a pain. I make sure I have in my Disney Park Bag some plastic rain ponchos. These are also great to cover buggies with as well as using to sit on the floor whilst you wait for a parade. They do sell Disney branded ones in the parks but I find them really uncomfortable to wear.

Disney Parks Bag
Flip flops rock! We love Havaianas and it’s a good idea to get the children shoes that can get wet!

Water Bottles 

There are plenty of places to fill up water bottles in the parks. We like to take one each for the children. They are great to use to drink when it’s hot and equally great to splash a bit of water on them when they need cooling down.


When we stay in Florida we like to go to the nearest Target and fill up the hotel room with snacks. Which we then take into the parks with us. Cereal bars are great. Also if you don’t want you children to be asking for lots of expensive sweets treats throughout the day, taking mini packs of skittles or fun flavoured M&Ms you can’t get at home is a fab idea.

Medical Kit

Nothing too dramatic but at the front of our rucksack I like to have plasters, bobbles, travel Calpol, paracetamol, a brush. Just simple things to act as reassurance. But if there is a mini disaster do not panic as there are First Aid stations in all of the parks. We have visited before to get checked out for heat rash. The staff are so wonderful and kind and have all sorts of things to hand including paracetamol.

Sun Tan Lotion

We like to use P20 which is an all day sun tan lotion that we pop on before we leave for the day. We also like to have a travel lotion in the bag in case we need to reapply. 

10 things you should pack in your disney parks bag
It is hot in Florida but if you stock up on fans, water bottles and hit the pool you will be fine!

Autograph Book and Pen

You can buy Autograph books and pens in the park. But quite often they are on offer on Shop Disney. I recommend one book per child. I would also ensure you have spare pens in your bag. As these often get lost or broken. And you don’t want a meltdown in front of Mickey (take it from someone who knows!). 

Flip Flops

Here is a post about what shoes to wear in Disney Parks. If you are planning on wearing trainers it might be a good idea to pop some lightweight flip flops in your bag in case in rains so you can swap your shoes. If you have small children it might be an idea to carry a light change of clothes. Especially if they go in fancy dress which sometimes can make kiddos a bit hot.

disney autograpj
Don’t forget your autograph book for when you meet your magical friends!

Wet Wipes/Tissues

No trip to Walt Disney World is complete without an Mickey Bar ice cream or lovely cool drink. Both of which can leave sticky marks on hands, faces and clothes. So it’s a good idea to have something with you to clean up. I would also pop in a pack of tissues and hand sanitiser.

Is there anything you think I’ve missed out? I would love to hear in the comments! If you are looking for some more ideas I have an Amazon storefront here if you would like to check it out.

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